[Laneige] Snow BB soothing cushion

Tada!!! As I promised, this post is about my new love – Laneige BB cushion. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one. It’s light enough for me to let my skin breathe, and also hydrates my skin really well. My skin always gets melting and thickness everytime I use a bb cream, but it’s still too dry and it’s hard for me to apply and spread. It’s kind of strange!!! The coverage is fine as I don’t have many impefections on my skin, but I think I chose the wrong shade as this shade makes my skin pale a little bit. However, the feeling, benefits and effects are super great. It’s like you are apply some mineral water onto your face: fresh and light.

  • Shades: it’s about 4 shades #13 true beige, #21 natural beige, #23 sand beige, #31 brown beige. I was convinced to take #21 as it’s the best seller shade at every Laneige counter. Honestly this shade matches my skin tone but it makes my skin become pale a little bit [I don’t know why T_T]. Moreover, I prefer a lighter tone to brighten up my skin as I got tired skin these days. #21 is exactly the same with my true skin tone for a natural look, but I still prefer a lighter one, maybe I’ll ask the counter to exchange my refill’s shade to #13 to let me try out to decide which one is better. However, Laneige just releases the new Whitening BB cushion [I don’t know why, while this one is said to include whitening effect???] with a newer shade: #14. So possibly #14 is for me. Otherwise, #13 is the final decision. Ok, let’s stop here. Dont’ worry, this one is light and will not thicken your skin, so the wrong shade could be fixed when you apply something else to neutralize ith with your skin tone. Cheers!!!
  • Price: it’s really cheap in Korea but in my country it’s super expensive as the price of $45 @@. I got a discount of 10% for my birthday month but it was unexpected. I think next time I’ll ask my friend in Korea to buy it for me. I was given some freebies but I don’t need them at all. Online order is much better for me, but sometimes I can’t find what I need with a good price. This one for sale online is about $50. Don’t you expected it to be expensive like that? I couldn’t find a good place to buy this or Sulwhasoo with good pricing, so I gave it a try with a useless 10% discount.