The old line Original energy 100, used to be very successful. But the brand discontinued this line after the Cell power no.1 essence was released, this essence is supposed to become the combination of the 3 products in the line: Vital power for anti-wrinkles and firming, Radiance power for whitening, Hydra power for hydrating. My favorite is Vital power and radiance power. Vital power is an ampoule of extracts from plankton which firms and makes your skin elastic. Radiance power contains extracts from inner shell layer of pearl oysters which brightens your skin as a whitening ampoule. Hydra power is an ampoule of hyacinth’s extracts that hydrates and moisturizes your skin. Non-sticky and quickly absorb, use it before your essence to boost the result. I was also given a sample set of the 3, 7ml each. Especially, you can combine 3 of them and use respectively.

Original energy vital power 30ml

Original energy radiance power 30ml

Original energy hydra power 30ml

Price: $75 each

Rating: 9/10 for all effect, absorption and scent