I tried another famous brand of LG – Isa Knox, which is lower than Ohui. That is Ideal ringer Astin C drop. It is for hydrating, anti-aging and brightening. This is alike Original Energy of Ohui but a lower line. 3 products available: Astin C drop for anti-aging, Silkroin drop for soothing and pore-tightening, Medihyalon drop for moisturizing. I bought Astin C drop and it came with a set with the other two mini. Especially, you can combine 3 of them and use respectively.

  • Skin type: all skin types
  • Price: $60 each

1. Ideal ringer Astin C drop 40ml

  • Description:

Astin C Drop is a powerful antioxidant 500 times more effective than the Vitamin E, extracted from an organism from the ocean. Treats fine wrinkles, provides vigorous skin complexion, releases toxic and takes care of the cell’s nucleus.

A highly enriched essence for the skin containing a high concentration of red As-taxanthin and Acai berry, which is outstanding at preventing skin oxidation, to rescue skin aging and keep the skin looking youthful and fair.

  • Rating: 7/10. It is not a powerful ampoule/essence as Isa Knox is lower than O Hui. The price is cheaper but I don’t find this brand’s products comfortable as they don’t suit my skin type [dry combination]. I always get an oily feeling and stickiness with this brand, so I ended and will never buy anything from this brand except lipsticks. If you have a dry/very dry skin so that’s fine for you with this.

2. Ideal ringer Medihyalon drop 40ml

  • Description:

LG Life and Science is the only national institution which supplies medical Hyaluronic acid, it has excellent adaption and usually is used in the medical field as an injection. 1000 times more moisturizing effects, also called skin water tank. Especially excellent for very dry skin condition.

A highly enriched essence for the skin containing LC Life Science’s Hyaluronic acid (Sodium Hyaluronate) to keep the skin moisturized with a natural dewy glow all day long.

3. Ideal ringer Silkroin drop 40ml

  • Description:

As the key ingredient of the silkworm protein, it has outstanding effects in the reproduction of the collagen and aging care. Recognized as a differentiated ingredient used for surgeries, it supplies elasticity with the production of the collagen treating the origin of the loosen skin, supporting the foundation of the pores to provide a firm, smooth and soft skin texture.

A highly enriched essence for the skin with silk protein to produce collagen for tightened pores and perfected skin that appears silky smooth.