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The next one that is also recommended is Ohui age recovery cell-lab ringer. It is for anti-wrinkles and hydrating as well as refining the skin texture. I really love the packing. It treats all skin types.

Formulated with high grade original oil to help skin instantly regain its radiance. Lightweight with excellecnt absorption, the oil texture spplies much needed oil and nutrients deeply inside the skin to enhance skin density and suppleness.
It contains alaria esculenta extract promoting skin metablolism to help skin recover more quickly and facilitates the absorption of cream or essence when used together.

Age recovery cell-lab ringer 40ml

I bought a mini before my purchase for a full size

Price: $65.25

Rating: 9/10 because even though the effect is perfect, it is greasy, you should not use it in your day care as you will get an oily feeling which is really uncomfortable unless you have dry skin type. However there is a small tip that after you apply it, wait for a few minutes to get the full absorption before applying the essence then you will get less sticky and greasy.

Updated: there is another way to make it fully absorb!!! That is mix this ringer with Cell power no 1 essence with the ratio 1:1 you will get a full absorption as the Cell power no 1 essence!!!