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The first item that is a hit is O Hui Cell power no.1 essence. This is the most famous essence with Stem Cell technology that is wrinkle/whitening functional. The essence comes with a refill so you don’t need to buy another one. There is also an optional set of 2, means that 2 essence bottles with 2 refill bottles. And another optional set contains 2 refill bottles only. The price is totally reasonable.

OHUI Cell Power No. 1 Essence contains Stem Cell Power No.1 (SCP No.1) that rigorously restores aging skin and improves the skin’s natural ability to restore itself. It is created from LG’s unique key elements from recombinant epidermal stem cell medium and recombinant dermal stem cell medium.

▣ SCP No.1 removes impurities and provide essential nutrients to aged and highly-damaged skin whose natural ability to regenerate has been reduced due to the deterioration of its ability to purify itself.

▣ OHUI No.1 Essence was created as OHUI’s top-of-the-line skin essence with multiple functions, featuring wrinkle treatment and skin whitening abilities, that fills the skin with energy, removing deep wrinkles and enhancing firmness, and improves dull complexions by removing impurities.

▣ Additionally, this essence, made from the cutting-edge recombinant stem cell medium concentration technology, is free from artificial preservatives and surfactants, reducing skin irritants and making it comfortable for consumers of any age to use. You can maximize the effectiveness of this highly functional essence by applying right after washing.

Use this one just right after the toner to boost the effect of other products and to refine the skin texture.

  • Cell power no.1 essence 35ml x 2ea

Ohui cell power no.1 essence

The refill

A very lightweight essence

  • Price: $65
  • Skin type: all skin types
  • Rating: 9.5/10. It is so perfect that I don’t want to end it up!!! Non-sticky, really effective, what else do you want to get? Furthermore, it is just too cheap for a couple of it at a price as a regular essence! Will purchase again? Yes, definitely!!!