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I bought a starter kit of balancer 25ml, ampoule oil 5ml, essence 8ml, lotion 25ml, cream 10ml. I skin got incredible improvement just after a week, and then a month later it was much more amazing!!! However, this line is only for hydrating, de-aging and no whitening effect at all. But my skin glowed when I used it, it was shiny as gold!!! Amazing!

  • Skin type: very dry, dry, normal, dry combination
  • Ingredients: Wild ginseng, Young antler etc

1. Hwa Hyun balancer 150ml

  • Description: The Hwa Hyun Balancer refines skin texture and promotes a brighter and clearer complexion. With ginseng extract, jade mixture, powedered deer antlers and gold, etc significant ingredients, Hwahyun Balancer revitalizes and lightens your skin while restores the hydration your skin needs. The History of Whoo Hwahyun Balancer provides you with a youthful and refreshed look, brightens your skin and further prevents the dark pigmentation.
  • Price: $70
  • Rating: 9.5/10. This toner is gel-based. I like gel-based toners you know, because I don’t need any cotton pads to waste. This hydrated and satisfied me a lot!!! You will find this toner amazing just right after you try it for the first time. I saved a lot of cotton pads and money because usually a toner will end up faster than a lotion if both of them have the same size, but in fact with this line, you’ll see that the toner will last for a very long time, even after your lotion is going to end up!!!

2. Hwa Hyun wild ginseng ampoule oil 30ml

  • Price: $234
  • Key word: 후 천기단 산양삼 앰플 오일
  • Rating: 10/10. This is the key of the line. This will heal your damaged skin and refine it within just 1 night!!! I saw a significant improvement in the next morning I woke up. Scars were diminished, acne and blemishes were gone. What else can you expect more???

3. Hwa Hyun essence 50ml

  • Description: This premium essence helps skin to quickly absorb its light weight texture, evens out the uneven complexion and controls the oil imbalance. Hwahyun Essence nourishes your skin with unique aroma and texture, soften and tighten up your skin, effectively delays the skin aging and turns the clock back in time for a younger looking skin.
  • Price: $180
  • Rating: 9/10. This essence is another amazing product from this line, just after the ampoule. I can ensure that the glowing effect as gold that I had on my skin was due to this essence, because you will immediately notice the gold particles when you press down. Great scent also.

4. Hwa Hyun lotion 110ml

  • Description: The Hwa Hyun Lotion revitalizes and brightens up the imperfect complexion on your skin. Suitable for combination to dry skin with the most prestige ingredients like the powdered deer antlers, powdered gold and tree extract that allows your skin to quickly absorb its light weight texture. With the court beauty recipes of Queen Jahee, Hwahyun Lotion promotes skin de-aging by brightening the entire skin through each layer of the skin and gives a result of a natural glow from the deepest skin layer.
  • Price: $85
  • Rating: 8/10. Hmn this lotion is fine even though I don’t know what exactly it will be helpful. However, to have the best effect from this line we have to use all of them right?

5. Hwa Hyun cream 60ml

  • Description: This premium Hwa Hyun Cream instantly brightens up the overall imperfect complexion, prevents skin aging and strives a perfect soothed and balanced look and feel. This highly enriched premium cream contains rich ingredients of functional whitening properties, such as powdered deer antlers, powdered gold and tree extract effectively refresh and hydrate the uneven skin tone. With the court beauty recipes of Queen Jahee, The History of Whoo Hwa Hyun Cream promotes to transform your skin into luminous and translucent complexion, effectively delays the overall aging process.
  • Price: $215
  • Rating: 9.5/10. This is like a balm, not a cream. Actually it’s not so thick and hard to absorb as many people said. This cream worked fine for me. As my skin is somewhat dry and dehydrated, I found this cream so so helpful. My skin looked younger and smoother. A perfect line!