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A premium compact, designed with elegant Korean style.

Sulwhasoo is a very strong competitor of The history of Whoo although Whoo has Lee Young Ae whereas Sulwhasoo has no model. However, Sulwhasoo is more expensive but I’m not so sure about its effectiveness because we don’t have this brand here, and it’s not easy to order online due to the postal and deliverable policies. A few years ago, I started to use The Body Shop even though at that time it was not available here, but the main point is that I went overseas and could go to its stores and met many friends who were the fans of The Body Shop. Because Sulwhasoo is somewhat limited in some countries, I haven’t got any chances to try it. However, I have heard many compliments about it. I went to its official site and found out an amazing product which is a compact. This compact is limited [again!!!] and is equal to Whoo luxury pact as I introduced before [the same price, the same packaging]. This Shineclassic compact also comes with a refill and a small pouch [what a pity that the pouch is not as beautiful as Whoo luxury pact]. I’m not sure about the ingredients and the others. It is available in 2 colors while I can get only 1 color when I buy Whoo luxury pact which is the brightest.

Shineclassic compact [2010 limited edition] 11g x 2


Price [official]: KRW150,000 ~ about more than $US140 I guess

Rating: not yet, will be updated later!!!