A mineral-rich, oil-free mud mask that deep cleans and purifies the skin while stimulating cell renewal with Kaolin Clay, Allantoin and Oil-Controlling Marine Blend.

  • Kaolin clay naturally draws pore-clogging dirt and oil from skin
  • Aloe vera gel and sea fennel help hydrate and act as anti-inflammatory agents
  • Sea extracts of dulse, neptune kelp and gigartina reduce the production of excess oil
  • Allantoin helps soothe the skin and stimulate cell renewal
This mask is just amazing even though it has a unique color that I’ve never seen in any masks before. However, with only 10 minutes, you can see your skin much brighter and red spots as well as blemishes diminish, with a good feeling after use. This mask is no doubt effective and mild. I use it every day, 2 times a day after cleansing for a clear and smooth skin.
I was given a sample of this when I bought Sea mineral scrub, will have a review for this. Then definitely I will buy this in full size.
Sea mineral mud mask 104ml
Skin type: I recommend [dry/oily] combination/oily
Price: officially $25 [tax exclusive]
Rating: 8/10