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Ohui has a wide range of suncare products. The most famous is Blue sunblock, which is in the collection of suncream: Red, Black, Blue.

Red is for irritable skin under the sunlight, Black is for anti-darkness, Blue is for moisturizing. All of them is waterproof with SPF50+/PA+++ and long lasting

The mild and smooth Perfect Sunblock Black EX improves skin tone for all skin types and provides continued UV protection for daily use as well as outdoor leisure activities. Perfect Sunblock Black EX contains Pycnogenol and Clearju property to more effectively target dark skin discoloration caused by sun exposure.

I use the Black because my skin can become dark quickly. Apply everyday of the year, also suitable for a base for make up. It is super hydrating!!! There is also a set of 2 which is duo exclusive at a much cheaper price.

Perfect sunblock Black EX SPF50+/PA+++ 60ml

Skin type: not for oily combination and oily skin

Price: $22.25

Rating: 8/10