Laneige Snow Water also known as Himalaya glacial water melted from clear perpetual snow of the Himalaya Mountains provides continuous moisture.  Vital intensifying system through Laneige Snow Water Science technology offers moisturizing solution which effectively provides hydra-energy deeply into your skin to keep your skin more clear and transparent.

Hydra solution activator 30ml

Price: $27

Skin type: all skin types

Rating: 8/10. Another product that I like from Laneige, since I really dislike their White Plus Renew line. This is a skin toner/ skin balancer but really liquid. You just need 2 drops for the whole face, no cotton bud at all. Really moisturizing, hydrating but excellent absorption. I could feel my skin so soft, smooth and essential. However in my location, they discarded this line so I could not find it anymore. What a pity! However, I’m really pleased with my O Hui White Extreme cellight brightener. This is not as liquid as the activator, but the same effect and additionally the brightening effect.