Well many people ask whether I’d like to share my skincare tips, and they also love to know my recommendations. Then this post is for them. Here are my experiences and advices, if you like it, don’t hesitate to use it, if you don’t, so there might be another good one for you:

  • Rule 1: Forget any cleansing cream/emulsion

Actually I personally think this is a big waste. Normally, you have to use it twice a day to protect your skin from inhaling dirt, toxic, etc. What I do is I replace all of them by olive oil/baby oil. Olive oil/baby oil is much better, nutrient and mild, will not harm your skin, and especially, they’re powerful cleansers. Another thing is they’re very cheap, and you can buy them anywhere, never being out of stock. One thing that you might wonder is that whether they’re too rich and oily. Of course, but you can wash them away easily by a foam cleanser. Even if you wear make-up, they will strongly remove all, and are less wasteful than a normal cleansing cream/emulsion. Why worry so much about buying a cleansing cream/emulsion?  Furthermore, cleansing pads are also good. But you have to carefully choose a good one. I always have a box of cleansing pads if I wear heavy make-up, or I’m too lazy to use the oil. However, don’t use them occasionally.

  • Rule 2: Forget any foam cleanser

Foam cleanser? I gave it up two months ago. And I replace it by Johnson baby milk bath! Why do I do that? Because it’s very gentle and mild, and cheap. It works! My skin doesn’t have problems as I usually had with my common cleanser anymore. I’m satisfied now.

  • Rule 3: Gel-based skin toner/balancer

I’m really sick of skin toner/balancer. I had to buy a lot of cotton pads, but personally I think the toner actually didn’t work well with a cotton pad. Since Whoo had its first gel-based skin toner/balancer, then O Hui also had, I’ve been really happy. Gel-based toner/balancer is much better than a normal one. And I don’t have to waste my money on cotton pads anymore. What a big save!

  • Rule 4: Ampoule is always my best friend

Never miss your ampoule! I really love ampoules, and I’m willing to spend a lot of money on it. Applying an ampoule, then an essence [actually I use two types of essence]. Perfect, I don’t want anything more. My skin is guaranteed to be good with an ampoule. Have you one, and you’ll never regret.

  • Rule 5: Essence is essential

As an ampoule, essence is also very important. I exceptionally love O Hui Cell Power no. 1 essence and O Hui White Extreme cellshine essence. If you have an ampoule, then have an essence. They are a couple, don’t forget that.

  • Rule 6: Save up on sleeping mask

Why spending too much on a sleeping mask? You don’t need that. Trust me! Mix your ampoule with your night cream [ratio 1:2] or mix your essence with your night cream [ratio 1:1] or mix your treatment with your night cream [any ratio], you have a perfect sleeping mask. This tip is from O Hui and Whoo, my favorite brands. I do that every night, following by some massage, then next morning, my skin look better than it was the previous night. This tip is to make your own sleeping mask, boost the effect of different products to the maximum, and also for people who feel too greasy/ sticky when they have to apply many products by many steps.

  • Rule 7: Sun cream is backward, this is the generation of sun powder/sun pact

This is true when you see many brands start to sell sun powder, sun pact. I love sun powder, sun pact. I just have to apply it as a make up pact, then I have a natural finish. While sun cream may seem to be too sticky for you, and you are really sick of that stickiness, which prevents you from protecting your skin from harmful sunrays, sun powder/ sun pact is always a good choice. You see the trend, then follow it.

  • Rule 8: Pearl is good, gold is perfect, but don’t misunderstand about them

You can see many skincare products that contain gold/pearl. And yes you have the best result. But wait! That is not really what you think. Your skin is not really perfect like that. That glow is temporary. When you stop it, your skin will not shine like that anymore, that effect will disappear. You have to understand that they only have the best effect on the top layer of your skin, and when you discontinue it, your skin will not glow/shine anymore. Your skin will come back to the normal tone. So, don’t need a gold/pearl product. They’re just good for make-up, not for skincare. In skincare, you need something can go deeply to your skin, not only on the top like that. I tried, and experienced that. Maybe you have different results.

  • Rule 9: Have a mist, it’s more than you think

Have a mist in your bag, to be ready to spray onto your face anytime, anywhere. This is a very good routine that you should have. I’m starting to do that, and really satisfied. Refresh your skin! Recharge it! Water it! Don’t make it exhausted.

  • Rule 10: Our eyes are precious, don’t wait until you’re 30 to take care of them

Never ever think that only people who are 30 and above need eye creams. Even you’re just 20, eye creams are necessary. It’s never too soon to take care of your eyes. Act now, or it’ll be too late when you’re just 29!