This is the most luxurious in their Soo line. The ingredients are Sanghwang mushroom and various kinds of herbs. I’m trying to translate into English, so will update the full description later. However, this is for strong anti-aging and brightening effect. If Whoo has Hwa Hyun, then Sooryehan has Soo Chunsam Sanghwang. The same concept because they are both under LG. If you’re familiar with Whoo Hwa Hyun line, then you’ll understand how this line from Sooryehan will work. The packaging is so gorgeous that I want to try out immediately, especially my favorite artist Soo Ae is the spokeperson of this brand.

Sanghwang mushroom is a special medicine that is known as an anti-cancer agent. Sanghwang mushroom and ginseng are fermented under LG’s patented technology. This line is anti-aging, brightening, hydrating and skin regeneration functional.

  • Ingredients: Phellinus linteus [Sanghwang mushroom], 120-year-old Multiflorous knootweed, 80-year-old Platycodi radix/ Balloonflower root, Ginseng, Cordyceps, Antler, Rhizoma Atractylodis Alba, Hwarosoo [the main ingredient in Soo line, which contains 5 kinds of flower petals: Lotus, Safflower, Magnolia, Chrysanthemum, Honeysuckle ]
  • Skin type: very dry, dry, normal, combination

1. Soo Chunsam Sanghwang essence 40ml

  • Description: This essence will restore damaged skin, moisturize, vitalize as well as restore elasticity and make your skin clean, bright, glowing and smooth as baby skin.
  • Price: $202.02
  • Rating:

2. Soo Chunsam Sanghwang eye cream 40ml

  • Description: Lighten your eye areas, relieve dark circles, hydrate your eyes.
  • Price: $175.67
  • Rating:

3 Soo Chunsam Sanghwang cream 50ml

  • Description: Smooth your skin, increase skin immunity.
  • Price: $219.58
  • Rating: