Red wine is good for not only our health but also our skin. You can see many articles in the internet cited that red wine is anti-aging, anti-darkness, anti-pigmentation, whitening, firming, anti-acne and anti-trouble functional. However, why do you have to waste money by buying red wine mask? I really hardly ever buy masks, because I’d rather make it originally myself. And I couldn’t find red wine masks from my favorite brands. Therefore, why don’t you make your own mask? Let’s D.I.Y.

What to do

  • 1 red wine bottle [there are many types from premium to regular, you choose what you feel the best, or it fits your budget, I was given some as gifts, so I’m not really good at buying this kind of thing, when I have to buy one, I’ll show you some tips]
  • 1 mask sheet, you can buy it easily and cheaply at supermarkets
  • 1 jar, this might be a cream jar

How to do

  • Put the mask sheet into the jar
  • Pour 3-4 spoons of red wine into the jar
  • Cover the jar
  • Put the jar into the fridge, allow at least 30 mins for the red wine to absorb into the mask sheet and cool the mask
  • After 30 mins or more, take out the jar, pick up the mask sheet. Dada! You can use it now! I have to try it now! Enjoy it! [Will have some comments after I try it]

Implement the recipe

  • You can put some honey drops if you have a dry skin, or some [flower or essential] oil if you want more functions. Some people put some cocoa powder which is very strong for firming skin, cocoa powder is also good to have a smooth, hydrating skin, and the shop assistant told me that cocoa is good for combination/oily/troubled [acne] skin when I bought a cocoa vanilla yogurt mask jar.