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▶Introducing X2D2, a product line that reduces women’s skin age by treating the factors that age skin
▶Including two types of X2D2 wrinkle care products: a three-dimensional treatment of deep skin layers that gets to the root of wrinkles.

▣After years of research focusing on basic aging factors, LG Household & Health Care (LG H&H) Ltd. launches Isa Knox X2D2, the “Half-the-Skin Age Project” aimed at reducing skin age.

▣ Isa Knox X2D2 is an exclusive innovative anti-aging line based on the Nobel Prize-winning theory (2009) that aging accelerates mainly as protective substances at both ends of a chromosome, a measure of skin aging, are worn down.

▣ Isa Knox X2D2 line will include potent products that actively solve a variety of skin problems related to women’s aging such as wrinkles, dark circles, and extreme dryness.

▣ The product released to be the first element of Isa Knox X2D2 line is Two Types of X2D2 Wrinkle Care Set. Comprised of Wrinkle Serum and Wrinkle Corrector, these complementary products prevent cell aging more effectively than any existing anti-wrinkle care products by providing three-dimensional wrinkle care.

▣ This product offers deep restructuring of rapidly aging skin cells, such as preventing wrinkles from forming at a fundamental level, thus helping to maintain tighter and more supple skin layers.

▣ Containing Nanomedi-A, a unique functional wrinkle-care substance patented by LG, Isa Knox X2D2 creates sufficient skin collagen to reconstitute the three-dimensional structure of skin layers and fill in wrinkles.

▣ In addition, “3D PEP (Peptide),”a substance discovered in collaboration with French cosmetics firm Sederma, adds dimension to the inner structures of the skin to effectively erase wrinkles, leaving the skin more velvety and resilient.

▣ Isa Knox Wrinkle Serum is a “wrinkle-ironing” formula that tightens skin and fills in wrinkles. Containing “spot polymers,” this essence physically smooths out wrinkles and restores elasticity, creating a sensation of firm fullness.

▣ Isa KnoxX2D2 Wrinkle Corrector restores the elasticity of skin and densely fills both deep wrinkles and fine lines through complete adherence.

  • X2D2 wrinkle serum 50ml

  • Skin type: all skin types
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