Soo Rye Han is another good brand that I want to introduce, the brand is just below The history of Whoo, both are under LG. Soo Rye Han uses the same concept as Whoo, but cheaper price because its target customers are younger people.

  • Description + Recipe:

Soo Cleansing Foam is a low-irritation Oriental medicine-based cleansing foam containing mild heartleaf houttuynia herb, great burdock achene and pomegranate to gently remove impurities and make-up reside from the skin and Hwarosoo, full of the vitality of flowers, to keep skin moisturized and vitalized without tightness after washing the face.

  • Soo cleansing foam 160ml

  • Skin type: all skin types
  • Price: $25
  • Rating: 7.5/10. I really like this foam cleansing and its scent. It didn’t dry out my skin at all. My skin was so smooth, soft and hydrating. I felt like my skin was getting drown in flowers and herbs! Good price also!