• Ingredients:

Sinseonbulrodan: 120-year-old Multiflorous knootweed, 80-year-old Platycodi radix/ Balloonflower root, Cordyceps, Antler, Paper/Caper spurge [Euphorbia lathyris Linne] for anti-aging, anti-oxidant and whitening

24k gold: Slows skin aging process and glow your skin

Hwasoroo: Magnolia, Lotus, Honeysuckle, Safflower, Chrysanthemum are steamed and cooled in water vapor which will keep your skin moist and fresh as the breath of flower.

  • Skin type: all skin types

1. Soo gold base 30ml

2. Soo essence base SPF20/PA++ 35ml

3. Soo gold foundation SPF20/PA++ 35ml

4. Soo gold two-way-cake SPF35/PA++ 13g

5. Soo gold compact SPF35/PA++ 13g