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Since Hwanyu Essence controls the wave of In and Yang (cosmetic dual forces) of ‘Gihyeoljeong’, it is helpful for circulation of ‘Gihyeoljeong’ and is well matched with Hwanyu Cream. If you use Hwanyu Essence and Hwanyu Cream at the same time, they will produce the harmony with Yin and Yang and sense even a minute change of your skin generated by aging and correct the problem relating to such a change.

[Hwanyu- Immortal masterpiece flying up to genuine immortality]
Hwanyu contains ingredients like ‘natural Wild ginseng Cordyceps sinensis’, ‘Antler Cordyceps sinensis’, ‘Pleuropterus Cordyceps sinensis’, snow lotus herb and dreams of becoming more excellent masterpiece with eternal youth, imperishability, unchanging immortality. Witness the splendid flight of Hwanyu renewed with combination of miraculous ingredients.

  • Hwanyu essence 50ml

  • Skin type: dry aged-skin
  • Price: $360
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