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New product in the line Hydra formula, which moisturizes your skin without stickiness. Ideal for all skin types, especially for summer. I will update more about its function as well as the benefits after I can get it from my seller. So please wait for the new update later on.

Based on years of in-depth research from the O HUI Skin Science Lab, Hydra Formula is formulated with key ingredients, rHESCP tm (recombinant Human Epidermal Stem Cell Protein) and ESC-SM tm, creating a moisture source to fight against dryness in the inner skin and leaving skin moist, younger-looking and full of vitality.
O HUI Hydra Formula’s proprietary rH-HSCPtm, ingredient- jointly developed with a French research institute, and ESC-SM tm, ingredient reinforce skin’s inherent moisture controlling ability and maintain an optimum level of hydration.

  • Note: this is health functional food, not cosmetic
  • Hydra formula inner water 30days 30g [500mg x 60 capsules]

  • Skin type: all skin types
  • Price: $61
  • Keyword: 오휘 하이드라 포뮬라 이너 워터
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