Hmn I just found out how to get the glow on my skin by makeup, and really want to share with everybody. However, this is not for oily combination and oily skin.

  • What to do [I use what I have, you’re free to use your own stuff]

  1. O Hui White Extreme illuminating base [or you can replace by your sun cream, here I don’t apply a sun cream, P.S this makeup base will make your skin become much whiter as it has a white shade, so be careful when choosing a makeup base, you can use your own base also, or you won’t need a base if you want a natural look]
  2. O Hui White Extreme whitening bb
  3. O Hui Age recovery cell-lab ringer/ O Hui White Extreme misty mist [this is the key of the tip, so better to have one]
  4. O Hui sun powder/ Whoo brightening pact
  • How to do
  1. Apply [1] makeup base
  2. Take an adequate amount of bb cream [2] onto your hand, make sure that it’s just enough for your entire face, and you have to be very careful because too much bb will provide a different effect
  3. Get 3 drops of O Hui Age recover cell-lab ringer [3] onto the bb cream on your hand/ Spray the mist [3] onto the bb cream on your hand
  4. Mix the ringer/mist [3] with the bb cream [2]
  5. Apply the mix
  6. Wait for a moment then apply the pact/ powder [4]
  • Note:
  1. This is not for oily combination and oily skin
  2. After makeup you’ll not see the effect as much immediately, usually after 1-2 hours you can see it obviously. This is the real glow as the ringer moisturizes and hydrates your skin, but the make up is really long lasting, the glow that you see is not the oil of stickiness, grease as oily skin, that’s why I’m saying this tip is not for oily combination and oily skin. There is a glow on my skin, but it still stay dry and soft. So try it, hope this will work for you because it works well on me.
  3. You can search within my blog to see more details about the products that I use above