• Description: [I’m still collecting and translating this from Korean as there is no English version of this available, will be updated soon]
  • Water-full Timeless moisturizing cream 50ml

  • Skin type: all skin types
  • Price: $61
  • Rating: 9/10. I received some samples of this as I purchase Whoo products, and now I’m really satisfied. My skin type is dry combination, and in this winter, it’s really really dry and dehydrated. I tried this and it has become my MAGIC product!!! It’s not sticky at all although at the first time when you apply, it could be rich. It hydrates my skin as well as soothes my pimples, they got away after 1 day! Also, it lifts out impurities, makes my skin soft and smooth! I started to love it, and will purchase a full size one.