Whoo just released another ampoule this month. This program is for 1 month [28 days as 28 capsules] is for a much brighter skin and healing highly damaged skin.

  • Description: Cheongidan Hwa Hyun Gold Program was designed to add the ingredients of hamonized yinyang complex, in which to deliver Cheongibidan Royal Secret Recipe which is full of nutrition and energy to your skin. This process helps recover damaged skin for a month intensity. One application every night for a month enhances your overnight recovery and presents the vibrant glam to your skin. Furthermore, the absorption of the soft-feeling, gel-type oil provides the brighter skin tone and leave your skin glamorous.
  • Hwa Hyun Gold program 0.8ml x 28ea

  • Ingredients: Gold, Amber, Young antler, Pearl
  • Skin type: aged or damaged skin
  • Price: $253
  • Rating: not yet