• Ingredients and benefits:

The skin seems like a bottomless, vessel that is never full despite our ceaseless efforts to fill it up, so it’s important to completely remove impurities beforehand.

Fermented vinegar has been traditionally known as ‘miracle water’, ‘the best medicine’, and ‘the No.1 prescription’ because of its amazing effects in refining skin by eliminating impurities.

This essence uses the miraculous fermentation vinegar’s secret formula to empty the skin by completely removing the impurities and filling it up with nourishments.

This essence provides total care for your skin with the benefits of more than a hundred herbal medicinal ingredients, ranging from treating dead skin cells to recovering a healthy complexion, to enhance your skin’s suppleness and resilience.

* Fermented herb vinegar essence formula: The traditional formula is an ultimate fermentation treatment that not only produces herbal medicinal ingredients using natural bacteria strains, but also vinegar that helps purify the skin by rotting out its impurities.

* Vinegar-fermented complex of 100 herbal ingredients: This substance has an herbal base and is produced from a combination of fermented acetic acid and other herbal medicinal products derived through vinegar fermentation. The fermentation includes more than 100 ingredients of Korean herbal medicine, which capture nature’s essence, using five naturally fermented bacteria strains: lactic acid bacteria, acetic acid bacteria, yeast, natto bacteria, and antioxidant bacteria.

  • Description: The enriched formulation indicative of long fermentation softly wraps your skin in rich moisture down to the deepest layer, leaving skin supple and glossy.
  • Hyo fermented herb vinegar essence 40ml

  • Skin type: all skin types
  • Price: $88. This essence is quite expensive since it’s similar to OHui Cell power No.1 or Whoo Ja Saeng essence. It is also a best seller. I bought this special edition with Hyo overnight sleeping pack from LG’s authorized minishop on Gmarket since there was a 1-year celebration of this essence, so the packaging is different to the normal one a little bit. However, they gave me many free full-sized items and samples that I really want to buy another set like this haha.