• Line description:

Yeonmildan: 5 kinds of herbal ingredients marinated in honey to moisturize your skin, make it firm and supple.

Bamboo sap: Absorb easily into your skin and moisturize it, comfort your makeup without any strain.

Yeonjibun: Skin friendly, high amino acids, lipid composition by applying a powder coated with a smooth essence, keeps your makeup flawless.

Gojinbun: Excellently cover skin imperfections and blemishes with a cover powder for a healthy complexion.

1. Onbit lifting base 수려한 온빛 탄력 베이스 35ml

  • Price: $28

2. Onbit essence foundation 수려한 온빛 진액파운데이션 35ml

  • Price: $28

3. Onbit lifting cream foundation 수려한 온빛 탄력 크림파운데이션  35ml

  • Price: $28

4. Onbit two-way-cake 수려한 온빛 투웨이케익

  • Price: $31

5. Onbit cover makeup 수려한 온빛 커버메이크업

  • Price: $31

6. Jin Onbit glow powder 수려한 진온빛 꿀광 파우더 30g

  • Price: $26

7. Jin Onbit Sun BB cake SPF50+/PA+++ 수려한 진온빛 선 비비케익 10g

  • Price: $35