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This sunblock with excellent coverage conceals blemishes and imperfections while creating a natural skin tone without looking blotchy and heavy. This product can be easily reapplied anytime, anywhere, providing a flawless finish for the skin. The elastic smart puff that is included helps it to blend effortlessly and evenly into the skin.

  • Smart cover sunblock SPF50+/PA+++  20ml

The packaging is awesome, and they also give me a secure puff to replace, instructions inside.

Press to get

One press will give you an adequate amount for your entire face

Tap to apply

The size is 20ml, which is just enough for you to try and change to another type of BB. personally I don’t like big-sized ones.

There is a mirror at the bottom if you unseal the plastic

  • Shades: #1 for light skin, #2 for natural skin [mine is #2]

  • Skin type: all skin types
  • Price: officially 48,000 Won but I bought from my particular seller with the price of $38
  • Rating: 9.5/10. I always love OHui sun products. Their sun lines are actually good and always protect my skin from harmful sunrays and darkness. Also, non sticky and non-greasy with a light texture as a makeup base/BB cream with 2 color options [light skin and natural skin]. Good cover but natural if you don’t want to make up but still want to cover. I highly recommend this as other sun products from OHui as well [especially powder sunblock]. Long lasting for all day with a convenient and well design!!!