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Sorry for my late – really late update on this famous essence from O Hui. Many people like this new whitening line as it is more hydrating than the old one, as well as its packaging. Would you love it? I totally love it!

This skin-brightening treatment features aurora-colored liquid crystal that simulates the shape of the skin cell. The crystal helps the innovative whitening ingredient penetrate deeply into the cells as soon as it touches the skin, restraining melanin and rejuvenating the cells, This whitening serum promotes bright and radiant skin, nourishing the inner layers of the cells.

  • White Extreme Cellshine essence 45ml

StemWhite, Stemela. The two exclusive ingredients which are StemWhite and Stemela are introduced to be very effective in healing and brightening skin cells.

  • Skin type: all skin types
  • Price: $76
  • Rating: 9/10. This is the best whitening essence that I’ve bought in my life. Usually whitening products seem to work poorly on my skin [I don’t know why :(] but this changes everything!!! This is a gel-based essence but it absorbs quickly onto my skin and I really love the smell. After 2-3 weeks I can see my skin much healthier and a little bit brighter! My favorite one!