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The bright cell is the very light of skin.
Back to the first bright one.

Regains the early light on skin cells, Lights the skin clearly and brightly Regenerated Brightening Line, White extreme. White extreme helps you back to the light at birth.

  • Skin type: all skin typs
  • Set price: $100

1. White Extreme Cellight brightener 150ml

This O HUI White Extreme Cellight Brightener toner adds more transparency and radiance to skin initially purified by the cleansing treatment. It crystal-clear gel containing hydrating ingredients quickly turn into fluid as soon as it touches the skin, providing rich moisture.

  • Price: $40
  • Rating: 8/10. I love this toner, because I love gel-based toners. I don’t need any cotton pads at all! This toner also hydrates my skin immediately, it quickly absorbs into my skin and no stickiness left. This is an exception for those who hate toners haha.

2. White Extreme Cellight emulsion 150ml

This emulsion features a mild texture that forms a whitening protective layer to capture moisture as soon as applied, leaving both the surface and the inner layers of skin clean and hydrated. It can be gently spread across the skin without stickiness by achieving a balance of water and oil, keeping the skin refreshingly transparent and radiant.

  • Price: $48
  • Rating: 6/10. Actually I don’t like emulsion, but because it is one of the step, so I bought it. I honestly have no idea about emulsions, because I think they’re just for softening my skin, not for a significant improvement. I put it in my skincare routine with no idea. This emulsion is richer than the others, so it might be too rich for you [if you have oily skin]. I think this emulsion is not really that important. You decide it!

3. White Extreme Cellight cream 50ml

This O HUI White Extreme Cellight Cream is enriched with active ingredients such as Stemela TM, a brand new whitening ingredients of stem cells. When gently spread over the face it improves radiance of skin, suppresses production of melanin and removes denatured proteins within cells. The active ingredients penetrated deeply into skin, providing maximum brightening and hydration effects.

  • Price: $77
  • Rating: 7/10. Hmn I prefer gel cream. About the whitening effect, this cream is above average because it will just brighten your skin, not whiten. Hydrating? Yes, it’s good at hydrating. Maybe it doesn’t work for me, but will work for you. My skin is kind of strong, so whitening products hardy ever work for me, so don’t be disappointed if you see this rating from me. Maybe I’ll switch to Whoo whitening line that many people compliment it. Another whitening journey haha!