One of the top sellers of Nature Republic. I’m not keen on bananas, but I heard many good reviews about it, so…have a try!

Fruits Mousse therapy is a mousse pack which revitalizes the skin with ingredients containing abundant Vitamins and nutrients extracted from fresh fruits. This soft foam removes dead skin cells and helps improve skin tone and texture

  • Fruits mousse therapy Nutrition banana mousse pack 150ml

Hawaiian deep sea water, nutrient-rich water, banana extracts

  • Skin type: all skin types
  • Rating: 8/10. I just bought it yesterday and recently has been in love with it. It calmed my red spots as I was going to have some pimples there, as well as moisturized my skin. Its form is a mousse, so it was exciting to try this new type of mask. Cheap price, good mask, why not try out? Sorry these days my card reader doesn’t work anymore so I can’t upload any images, but I’ll come back soon since I get a new card reader!
  • Price $10 only