Laneige just releases their new line for troubled skin such as sensitive skin.

1. Trouble relief cleansing tissue 40ea

Soft cotton cleansing tissues that produce rich bubbles for mild cleansing.

It keeps your skin moisturized even after washing your face, using the amino acid surfactant which is hypo-allergenic to your skin.
Natural salicylic acid extracted from willow bark and wintergreen,eucalyptus oil and chamaecyparis polysaccharides components, when combined, prevents skin problems from developing.
Facial cleansing using compact and rich bubbles produced when rubbing the tissue with a bit of water thoroughly removes make-up residue and other impurities from skin.
Mild cleansing keeps the user’s skin moist, not tight or dry, after wash.

2. Trouble relief skin toner 200ml

Soothing skin toner that leaves your skin clean and smooth.

Natural fermented alcohol cleans external impurities that can cause troubles. And clears skin texture to leave your skin smooth.
Natural fermented alcohol and chamaecyparis polysaccharide components help minimize skin trouble.

3. Trouble relief cream 50ml

Soothing moisturizing cream with antibacterial and moisturizing actions that help form a protective covering for problematic skin.

It is a soothing moisturizing cream with the natural moisturizing effect of chamaecyparis polysaccharide ideal for problematic skin. It soothes your damaged skin and controls the forming of inflammatory components.
This soft and moist cream with Gossypium Herbaceum (Cotton) Extract, extracted from the cork oak tree, helps form a protective layer on your skin.

4. Trouble relief spot gel 20ml

Antibacterial spot gel for reducing topical troubles.

Its salve-like viscosity makes it convenient for topical application, and its silky finish allows liberal application on your face.
Rose crystal, an excellent antibacterial extract that works against acne germs, and chamaecyparis polysaccharides components that control harmful skin impurities are effective for skin care, while the Centaurium Erythraea (Centaury) Extract soothes the redness of your skin.