Hannule is Amore’s answer to Sooryehan of LG. Also herbal medicine based, Hannule is another option for people who are interested in oriented herbs. Since there is no English website for this brand, and too few sellers, it’s hard to find other information about this. However, I’ll try to translate since the packaging is lovely.

  • Line description:

Hannule, the premium oriental medicine brand, introduces Hannule Gogyeol Whitening, offering the skin’s original milky-white tone by restoring the circulation of chi and blood that can cause dull skin tone and freckles and by strengthening jinaek (liquidified bodily nurtrients).
As people age and their skin becomes dull in its tone and spotted with freckles, their desire for whitening grows stronger every year. Freckles are caused by enlarged melanocyte chunks as the circulation of chi, blood and jinaek fails and circulation of cell is disturbed.
Hannule Gogyeol Whitening contains poria cocos wolf, gincos bilboa seed, angenlica dahurica root, paeonia japonica, and wilfordi root, all refined by a certain technique that increases the intensity of the whitening agents. These ingredients reduce the size of melanocytes, removing the dullness from the face and creating beautiful, fair skin.

1. Rich Effect Whitening skin 150ml

  • Price: ~$

2. Rich Effect Whitening emulsion 100ml

  • Price: ~$

3. Rich Effect Whitening essence 50ml

  • Price:

4. Rich Effect Whitening cream 60ml

  • Price: ~$

5. Rich Effect Whitening mask 32gx6sheets

  • Price ~$

6. Rich Effect Whitening sun cream SPF50+/PA+++ 70ml

  • Price: ~$

7. Rich Effect Whitening concealer SPF34/PA++ 3g

  • Shades: #1 light, #2 medium
  • Price: ~$

8. Rich Effect Whitening bb lotion SPF50+/PA+++ 70ml

  • Shades: #1 light, #2 medium
  • Price: ~$

9. Rich Effect Whitening pact SPF50/PA+++ 13g

  • Shades: #21 for light skin, #23 for natural skin
  • Skin type: all skin types
  • Price: $31.45