As a trend of black cosmetics, after 3D black mask, now O Hui just released a black serum which is considered anti-aging and healing damaged skin functional.

  • Skin type: all skin types

1. Black serum 40ml

Every moment of every day our skin cells are attacked by excessive free radicals produced in our skin by various environmental irritants such as UV light, air pollution, stress etc. O Hui Black serum eliminates such harmful free radicals, prevents damage to skin cells. and actively heads off the skin-aging process.

Moringa seed, Black Knight Complex (Black crowberry, Black olive etc), EGF

  • Price: $70
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Now it’s time for minimizing large pores, in this summer 2012, OHui once again, satisfies me by releasing a pore serum. Hooray! I always wonder why they still don’t have a pore line or at least a pore serum, but now they answer me. Yay OHui!

2. Good bye pore serum 40ml

Our concern over our pores starts when the pores expand due to improper everyday life habits, excessive sebum secretion and flow of time.

Vitamin B3, Provitamin B5

  • Price: $54