A long break huh? I know that many people wonder why it took me so long for a new article. The reason is that I don’t see any interesting news from my current brands this time. I think they are planning to release something limited especially for Christmas, so that’s why they just keep silent. However, I found my new interest on SK-II and Biotherm. We don’t have SK-II here, so I will buy it at the airport when I visit Singapore and will review it later. So now, I’d like to talk about my new skincare: Biotherm. Why I like it: fresh and clean.

1. Skin Ergetic serum 50ml

  • Description: To fight the most visible signs of fatigue, give your skin a new energy source – a powerful boost of moisture and radiance. Biotherm anti-fatigue revolution: Last-minute cosmetic activation to protect its natural quality and high efficacy. Biotherm creates SKIN.ERGETIC, its first signs of fatigue repairing concentrate, to reduce visible signs of fatigue and fight against their appearance, all day long. The demands of a modern life can lead to an unbalanced lifestyle; stress, unbalanced diet, smoking, polltuion, etc. The skin is also under attack from these aggressors, exhausting its moisture and vitality reserves and accumulating impurities on the surface. The skin’s natural defenses become weakened and signs of fatigue begin to set in; drawn features, dullness, more visible pores, less refined skin texture and dryness. To fight visible signs of fatigue, give your skin a new energy source: visibly boost the skin with a energy.
  • Skin type: all skin types
  • Rating: 10/10. Haha this is the highest rate that I’ve given. Why? It’s super dry, non sticky at all [I mean AT ALL]. I love how it absorbs into my skin, less than one second, and it’s traceless, you can’t even find out that I apply anything on my skin. Yes it does, it absorbs super super fast, leaving my skin smooth and bright. The scent is unique, I mean I love it. The price is totally reasonable. Since I started to hate OHui when they release too many products within a line, and they require you to apply all of them for the best synergy,so I dislike that, and I bought Biotherm. Although my skin is dry combination, I hate the feeling of having too many layers on my skin, and OHui overdoes it. That’s why…For the effect, Hmn it’s quite hard to say what I would expect from this line. Anti-fatigue? What do they mean? I read the description many times but still have no idea. They mean radiance enhancement or wrinkle improvement or anti-aging? However, my skin looks bright and clean without any traces of this serum and I just love it.