So sorry for a really long time waiting to come back as I got problems posting on wordpress [i have no idea why :<]. Well, as the trend of BB cushion is still alive, I’m kind of lazy and late to try out the new types of products. But now I’m interested in BB cushion, really. I bought mine a Laneige Snow BB soothing cushion yesterday and now I’m so pleased with it. However, Laneige is not as luxury as Sulwhasoo, and I had fallen in love with the new Sulwhasoo cushion before I decided to buy Laneige as my budget now is just enough for Laneige :D.

About OHui, these days they disappoint me a lot. They upgraded their products but I have a feeling that they’re so slow and backward to catch up the trend, as Amore Pacific, is quicker. As Laneige BB cushion is the first and  most famous cushion in the market, and its shadow is too big for OHui to really get over. OHui packaging does not attract me anymore, and their products do not suit my skin anymore, so sad as I’m a big fan of OHui for years. Moreover, I don’t like Kim Tae Hee [so sorry if you guys love her]. I prefer the past OHui’s model – Son Ye Jin. I also start to hate Sooryehan as I dislike the new model – Moon Chae Won. I love Soo Ae but now she left the brand and I have no reason to become interested in it anymore. [bad me :P]. Alright, that’s a really long talk and you guys may get too tired now haha. Let’s get back to the coming star: Sulwhasoo Evenfair perfecting cushion. Yay!!!

P.S: I’ll have a review for the new Laneige Snow BB soothing cushion yesterday in the next post.

  • Description: A multi cushion foundation that gives you flawlessly healthy resilience and radiance with perfect coverage and long-lasting hydration.
  • [Anti-wrinkle/Whitening/UV Protection Functional Cosmetics(SPF50+, PA+++)]

    1) The flexible film-fixing polymer forms a thin protective barrier on your skin to leave your skin flawless and
    smooth for a long time.
    2) Contains apricot seed herbal moisturizer that promotes skin resilience and leaves skin fully moisturized all day.

  • Shade: #1 medium pink, #2 medium beige, #3 medium ocher
  • Price: I think it’s possibly about $50, not cheaper as Sulwhasoo is a really premium brand.